What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday, What are you reading?

Yet another week has started. This weekend was so great and did not last long enough at all, but I got zero reading done. Although last week I killed it. So I have read a total of 3 books for Read-A-Thin, 4 so far this month total, but I am so behind. This week I’m going to focus on some Tomes for Tome Topple and hopefully catch back up to the goals I was needing. So let’s go ahead and get to the books!

What did I read last?

So I generally really like any Sarah Dessen books, but this one was a bit of a struggle. I really can’t say the story was bad, but it was just so hard to make it through it. I have to say now that I’m remembering this that most Sarah Dessen books do have some kind of thread through them to pull on your heart strings, and now that I’m remembering that the whole storyline with Ethan makes a lot more sense now, but I still was expecting to pick up this book and have a cute summer romance bloom but instead every other chapter was just a little more heart break. I think if I hadn’t been expecting a cutesy story that I would have had an easier time with this, but still in the end I did enjoy the story so I would recommend it, just don’t expect to not hurt while reading it.

Rating: ★★★★✩

What am I currently reading?

So this is my current Tome Topple read that I am buddy reading with Amanda @ ACourtofBooksandLove, Taylor from BookishTaylor, and Julie from PagesandPens which you can check out all their either blogs or youtube channels linked above. I’m a couple chapters in (which this Tome only have 20 chapters) so I’m a bit in to the story, but still not too far since it’s over 500 pages. This is my second Morgan Matson book and I remember liking Amy and Rogers Epic Detour so I’m hoping that this book gives me the light hearted summer-y romantic feel that I was looking for when I originally picked up Once and For All. But then again I’ve now learned not to expect too much from current reads!

What are you going to read next?

8909152So I think I need a quick read, and from what I understand about this book, it should be a pretty quick read for me. I’m semi sure that this is in a multi media type format which I feel like makes books go faster for sure. This is part of a book club so it isn’t part of Read-A-Thin but it does need to be read during this month. I have it figured in to my daily reading goals, so I can at least be sure that it should get read during this month. I’ve read two other Rainbow Rowell books so fingers crossed that I like this one as well even though I do believe that it is technically considered an adult novel.



So that’s it for my books this week, let me know what you’re reading and I’ll see you soon!



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