What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? {2}


Hey everyone, welcome to the blog! So I really think I like doing this as an update so I can show off what’s getting read and what’s going to be read and to keep me honest. I think that I will be keeping this around! This is of course hosted by Book Date for the awesome idea, I’m having an icky residual weekend, so let’s just go ahead and get in to the books.

What did I read last?

I had such a good reading week last week. I got a bunch of books finished, but the most recent one I finished was Made You Up by Fancesca Zappia. GUYS, I cannot recommend her books enough after this last week. I read  both this and Eliza and Her Monsters and they were both probably the best books I’ll read all year, granted I still have a few months left,  I just know that they are going to hold up well. Granted I couldn’t connect with on the same level with Alex in this book as I did with Eliza, but the writing still made you able to feel like there was a connection there. I recommend this SO SO SO MUCH you have no idea.

Rating:  ★★★★★

What am I currently reading?

So currently I am trying to get through all my library books (which, guys, I made another trip and got way way too many more books) and Looking for Group by Rory Harrison was at the top of the pile. I was really excited to get in to this because I knew it involved WoW (World of Warcraft, it’s a big MMO RPG on the computer)  and I’m a pretty big gaming nerd myself as well, plus I had heard a lot of hype about it when it first came out. I’m not too far in to it but I feel like it is getting right to the plot right away and there doesn’t seem to be must build up just yet. I of course need to keep reading to see what really is going on but I am a little slow at the time, hopefully this gets done soon!


What do I plan to read next?

Alright, let’s talk about how freaking excited I am to read this book. I remember looking at the synopsis online and just feeling like I really really needed to have it in my life, and I finally remembered to look for it at my library and they had it! So of course I checked it out, I may make another Library Loans because y’all are going to be seeing a lot of books that I say are from there but I haven’t talked about them on here yet. But seriously, if you aren’t sure what Love And First Sight is about give the title there a click and just read, PLUS it’s less than about 300 pages so I know I can devour it in no time. So once I get through my current book, this one is going to be picked up right away, RIGHT AWAY.

I hope you all are enjoying this, I’ll have some more fun posts this week because I’m going to work on them now while I’m feeling better. I know it’s an icky Monday but I hope you have a good week and I’ll see you all tomorrow for something new!!


4 thoughts on “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? {2}

  1. I loved Eliza and Her Monsters. I have Made You Up on my TBR but I have so many books I have to read for review right now so fun reading will have to wait a few more months.

    The last book I read was First Watch by Dale Lucas and I really enjoyed it, as it was basically a fantasy buddy cop story. My current read is Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody. And the next books on my reading schedule are No Good Deed by Kara Connolly and Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw.


    1. Made You Up was, I feel, just as good as Eliza and Her Monsters, but I understand the struggle with having to read other stuff first. I wish I had your mind set because I have so many netgalleys that I haven’t touched yet 😦

      I haven’t heard of First Watch but I’m gonna have to check it out! Also, super jealous you’re reading Daughter of the Burning City, that book looks so pretty and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I have No Good Deed to read too, I started it I should probably get back to it lol. Hope you have a good time reading and thanks for stopping by!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I picked up like 40 ARCs when I was at BookExpo and BookCon, so that has filled up my reading schedule a bit more than normal. I’m really trying to keep up with them all. I was lucky enough to get my ARC of Daughter of the Burning City signed by Amanda Foody, so that was pretty awesome. And I’m with you on having a bunch of NetGalley reads that I still need to get too.

        And I’m glad I stopped by. Ever since BookExpo I’ve been trying to be a bit more active in the book community. I met so many awesome people there, and I like being able to talk about books with others who share that passion. 🙂


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