Waiting On Wednesday

"Waiting On" Wednesday {2}

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my second Waiting on Wednesday! There’s only one book this week that I am dying to tell you all about, as well as dying to read. Delerium is still at the top of my list of books I can’t wait for though. but here’s this weeks book

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me (Borderline Amazing/A Chelsea Handler Book) By Chelsea’s Family, Friends, and other victims

Publication Date: May 10, 2011
I absolutely love anything about or by Chelsea Handler. I have read all of her other books except the most recent Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, which I need to get asap. But this one looks hilarious and I’m so excited she has another book coming out. Here is the synopsis from Goodreads.
“My tendency to make up stories and lie compulsively for the sake of my own amusement takes up a good portion of my day and provides me with a peace of mind not easily attainable in this economic climate.”–Chelsea Handler, from Chapter 10 of Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang 


It’s no lie: Chelsea Handler loves to smoke out “dumbassness,” the condition people suffer from that allows them to fall prey to her brand of complete and utter nonsense. Friends, family, co-workers–they’ve all been tricked by Chelsea into believing stories of total foolishness and into behaving like total fools. Luckily, they’ve lived to tell the tales and, for the very first time, write about them. “



What’s your “waiting on” book of the week?

“Waiting On” Wednesday is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine!

15 thoughts on “"Waiting On" Wednesday {2}

  1. Though i'm not really a fan of Chelsea Handler, I think the premise of this one sounds really good. Nice pick!

    Thanks for commenting over at Let's Get Beyond Tolerance. Don't forget to enter the big giveaway!



  2. I LOVE Chelsea Handler! I read her first two books but haven't read her third yet. She freaking cracks me up. I had no idea she was releasing another book. Thanks for the heads up 🙂


  3. Thank you for the comment on my blog 🙂

    It was my first time taking part in Waiting on Wednesday and now I have so many books to look out for I'm not sure it was a good decision to do it lol! Who am I kidding, yes it was!


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