Follow Friday

Follow Friday {1}

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted Parajunkee. This week’s question is

Who do you cheer for?

So I’m a big sports fan so I guess I can go by each sport. So for Football I am a New Orleans Saints fan. I have been for over two years now so last season was a good season for me! I also watch International and US Soccer. My favorite US men’s soccer team is the Chicago Fire. Then I cheer for Real Madrid in la liga and Arsenal in the British Premiere League. I semi watch Baseball but when I do I’m usually cheering for the Chicago White Sox. Can you guess which state I live in? haha. I like basketball too but I don’t really have a favorite team so I just cheer for who I feel like. Who do you cheer for?

2 thoughts on “Follow Friday {1}

  1. haha 10 points to you! I'm not sure what you can get with the points but still! and yes I am a semi new blogger. I'll be glad to check your blog out as well. Thanks for the follow I hope you enjoy!


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