Read-a-thin · Readathon

Read-A-Thin/August TBR!

Hey Everyone and welcome to the blog. So if you’re not aware, Read-a-Thin starts in just One Week! What am I doing with my life?? So I need to tell you all my TBR because I am beyond excited to get to reading some of my own books next month and making a dent in that ever growing TBR. So I’m going to show the books and the challenges they complete, let me know if you plan to join and if you have a post for your TBR! All pictures are links to the Goodreads page for the book in case you wanna see what they’re all about!

Read a 2017 Release

Read a book that is the same color (or a similar color) as your birthstone
One of my Birthstones is an Amethyst which is usually either purple or green, it changes in the light, so I figured a mostly purple book could work!

Read a diverse book284585981

How many TBRs have I put this on now?? It’s really getting read this month, I swear!

Read a book with a title or author with the same first letter as the first letter in your first name18075234

My first name is Chelsea, this starts with C, simpleeeee

Read a book that is related to your favorite emoji29523625

My favorite emoji is the crying while laughing face and I feel with all the 90’s references that are supposed to be in the book that hopefully it lives up to that emoji.

Read a book starting with a letter from TBR (the word “the” does not count)16034235Yes, yes, yes, I’m finally going to join the hype of this Sarah J. Maas series as well

Read a book with a summer themed cover23281823

Read a book with a warm colored cover (orange, red, yellow, brown)18798983

Start and finish a series

So this is an example of a box set that I bought and haven’t touched yet. Also, Amanda read these last month (July) and I really want to read them now too because I saw her read them back to back to back. Also, I have no idea why the last book is off allignment, it’s killing me too

Read a book in 24 hours28243032

Read a new to you author31707102

Book with water on the cover

Read a book set in summer


Buddy read a book


So I know this may be a little cheesy, but my mom and I are going to start a re-read of the Harry Potter series and I bought her a paperback of the first book and I’m going to read my new Hufflepuff edition!

Read a book recommended to you by someone in the book community


I’m making this one count, because I love Julie and I’ve had this for way too long without reading it while everyone else is loving it.

Read a guilty pleasure read
The first book proved to be quiet the guilty pleasure, so of course I need to continue on the series with the second book! Plus I need this love triangle to be squashed. #TeamMaxon

Read an adult/new adult book

Read a book outside of your favorite genre
Yet another repeat, I’ve been wanting to read this for awhile, and my favorite genre is contemporary where this is a mystery/thriller!

Also, the Reading Rainbow-along starts next month which is hosted by DylantheReader5 and some of his friends on Goodreads. The goal of that read along is to read one Raibow Rowell book a month in publication order and the first book I haven’t read yet so I’m in!

And lastly, Tome Topple is going to be running in the middle of this month so of course I’m going to add a handfull of Tomes to try and Topple, but also keeping to the Read-a-Thin and making sure that I own them already, here are the 3 I’m going to try to read.



So of course, I go overboard every read-a-thon and try to fill each challenge, so needless to say with my own read-a-thon I would do the same thing. With all the other reading related things going on this month as well, I have set myself up one ambitious TBR with most likely failure at the end, but it’s worth a try right. Fingers crossed for all this reading!


What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

I really really love this and I’m so sorry it’s going up late. I had to be awake at 4am to drive almost 2 hours to a hospital to shadow for a potential job. I ended up staying there til about 3 because they kept scheduling cases and I wanted to see them! So of course not a whole lot of time or reading, because not gonna lie I came right home and took a nap since it took another 2 hours to drive home. But enough of my whining because I actually really want this job, let’s get to the books!


What did I read last?

So I was beyond excited to read this book just because of all the hype I had been hearing about it. But then someone reserved it at my library the day before I had to turn it back in so it forced me in to a panicked reading mode. I really needed to get it done as fast as possible because someone out there is waiting for it. But of course, slow me I decided a couple cents for a couple extra days wasn’t that big of a deal, but at that point I was already like over reading it because I was so upset I couldn’t renew it. So I’m going to give myself some more time to think on this before I give it an official rating just because I feel it would be influenced by the fact I had to speed read it and not influenced by how I actually felt about what happened in the book.


What am I currently Reading?

So I saw this book on EmmaBooks’ channel, and of course I heard what it was about and she seemed so passionate about it I just had to pick it up, but of course I had to put it on reserve at my library before I could get it. I’ve been doing really well with my book buying ban, I’ve purchased 3 in the past couple weeks so I mean I haven’t not bought but I haven’t bought all that I want. But anywho back to this book, it’s about a girl with an eating disorder that is sent to a camp to try and overcome it, but she just plans her time until she can get home and go back to what she is used to doing with eating. But then she starts to get packages from some mysterious person and she has no idea who they’re from and it throws a wrench in her plans apparently. Super excited to read this!

What I plan to read next!

So I really need to work this week on getting to the books that I was approved from NetGalley that I also checked out from the library. This may be my last full week where I can just sit around and do nothing but read all day, so I think my best bet is to work on those books. This book sounds pretty interesting, it’s about a girl who gets in trouble with the law so she spends her summer doing community service while also working on an Etsy sounding type of shop. Then she find out something else is going on in her family and people are keeping secrets so she’s going to do her best to figure out what exactly is going on and who all is involved. I’m glad this is next on my list because I’m hoping it’ll be a quick and fun read!


So that is it for this week, again so sorry this post is late but I would love to hear what you guys are reading in the comments. I have some good posts scheduled for this week already so I can’t wait for you to see them. Until then, bye!!


library loans

Library Loans {7}

So I know I just recently did a library haul but I really couldn’t control myself and I had the idea to write down all the books I had been approved from netgalley that had been published and then head to my library to see if they had them already so I could have physical copies and read them to get reviews out, because I just do not like ebooks since I no longer have an ereader. I will mark those books with little * next to them so you can know what ones to expect reviews from sooner rather than later. So I did that, and of course there were a bunch of new releases that I needed. This is most likely going to be the last big Library haul for some time, so I can’t wait to tell you about all of these, some of them I have gotten the chance to read already, and I’m just going to get right in to the books because there are way too many of these.

FullSizeRender 20

29283884 24921988 31078124 29905900

A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee
Love and First Sight by Josh Sundquist
The Unlikelies by Carrie Firestone
Antisocial* by Jillian Blake

29414576 32336077 17332564 25817310

Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee
Four Weeks Five People by Jennifer Yu
How To Love by Katie Cotugno
Dreamology by Lucy Keating

24832518 27426036 31145133 25663637

A Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash
Between Two Skies* by Joanne O’Sullivan
I Believe In A Thing Called Love* by Maureen Goo
When We Collided by Emery Lord

28810197 22896551 18520654 23149128

The Suffering Tree* by Elle Cosimano
None of The Above* I.W. Gregorio
The Land of 10,000 Madonnas by Kate Hattemer
Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider

32829334 23268484 31450908 25526296

No Good Deed by Goldy Moldavsky
Alive by Chandler Baker
Down Among The Sticks And Bones by Seanan McGuire
Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire

30653934 27830287 25266817 29222548

Looking For Group by Rory Harrison (oops repeat)
It Started With Goodbye* by Christina June
The Heartbreakers* by Ali Novak
All The Feels by Danika Stone

Phew ok, so that was my library haul, these all came from two different libraries, I have a couple in my district thankfully. I did about 10 at one and 12 at the other and then I had 3 holds that just came in. So yes, I have a lot of books but I hope to get most of these read pretty quickly while I have a good chunk of free time. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday {32}

So it’s getting to the point where it’s getting so hard for me to pick just one book to mention. I think I have a good idea of when everything comes out, which I never do so I can actually pick one out for this week but coming up watch out I may have to do multiple books.

30237061Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody
July 25th 2017

Sixteen-year-old Sorina has spent most of her life within the smoldering borders of the Gomorrah Festival. Yet even among the many unusual members of the traveling circus-city, Sorina stands apart as the only illusion-worker born in hundreds of years. This rare talent allows her to create illusions that others can see, feel and touch, with personalities all their own. Her creations are her family, and together they make up the cast of the Festival’s Freak Show.

But no matter how lifelike they may seem, her illusions are still just that—illusions, and not truly real. Or so she always believed…until one of them is murdered.

Desperate to protect her family, Sorina must track down the culprit and determine how they killed a person who doesn’t actually exist. Her search for answers leads her to the self-proclaimed gossip-worker Luca, and their investigation sends them through a haze of political turmoil and forbidden romance, and into the most sinister corners of the Festival. But as the killer continues murdering Sorina’s illusions one by one, she must unravel the horrifying truth before all of her loved ones disappear.


I’m really excited about this one, the cover is just so beautiful and I keep seeing it all over the place, gimme now please!

Tag Tuesday

OMG This Song Book Tag

Hey Everyone! So Today I’ve decided to stick with doing a Tag Tuesday post, and I have been in LOVE with watching people’s OMG This Song Book Tags so I figured, why not turn it in to a blog post? So This was made by KatesBookDate and you can find the original video by clicking on her name there. I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time talking before hand because this is going to be another long one, I’m going to try to insert the music videos as well, so let’s get in to the books!

1. MY JAM – a song you MUST listen to every time it comes on, no matter how old or how many times you’ve listened to it / a book you’ll never get sick of


I really don’t care how many times they play Shape Of You on the radio I will listen to it, I just love it so much. Same goes with Harry Potter. It really doesn’t matter how many times I end up reading the series I will fall in love with it every single time.

2. THROWBACK – a song that reminds you of the cringest time of your life / a book that also reminds you of this time (or just something you wouldn’t like as much if you picked it up for the first time now)



Holy Throw Back Batman. This reminds me of High School when I would wear band Ts to school every day and dye my hair crazy colors thinking I was so cool and so different when really I was still hanging out with all my sport friends from playing Volleyball and being friends with the in crowd. I thought I was so cool and different, oh goodness. 10th Kingdom really reminds me of this time because my mom and I were in love with the TV mini series that they did and we ordered the set which included the book and man was it a big book but I loved it so much it didn’t matter.

3. REPLAY – a recent song you have on repeat right now / a recent favorite book


I have been and always will be a Demi fan, so when she has new music drop I always have to give it a listen, but this song I literally just want to keep playing over and over because it is so good! We also all know I can’t talk about recent favorites without mentioning Eliza and Her Monsters, come on you have to know me a little by now.

4. GETS ME – this song IS ME / this book is me in book form

Of course, I loved Fall Out Boy back when I was younger, and still love them now, but this new song of theres really speaks to me. If I can get through this, I can do anything. Seriously, with all the things going on in my life right now if that line isn’t true then I’m going to be pretty screwed when I come out of all of this, but it has to be true and it’s helped me a lot. Queens of Geek, I mean come on, every nerdy person that reads this book has an opportunity to connect with these characters and I have never felt more connected to a character then I did while reading this.

5. WUT – weird but I like it? – a unique book that stuck out to you for whatever reason


So I love Logic, I saw him in concert last year with G-Eazy and ugh it was the best day I probably had that whole year (except for the other concert I saw G-Eazy at too) but he came out with some new music this year which is super exciting. I have to say the way this one starts is definitely different but once he gets to the verse holy cow does this song speak to you, it’s pretty insane. With Illuminae, I went in trying to keep an open mind since the whole book is written in emails and documents and things of that nature, and it really did a good job of telling a story. The first two books did so well in making me love them that I pre-ordered #3 that comes out next year so I could send in my receipt just to be killed off in that book.

6. LET’S GO – best pump up song (for workouts or just life) – a book that inspired you

There is something about this song that when it comes on I just want to get up and start moving. The beat really sticks with you and makes it super easy to get caught up in, that is for sure. With Holding Up The Universe, I don’t know if i’d say it “inspired” me but it definitely gave me a different point of view and helps me to push myself a little more each day. It’s a pretty amazing story if I say so myself.

7. CHILL – fav chill, relaxing song / a book you’d curl up with and read on a rainy day

I picked this song out awhile ago, and it’s so hilarious that he’s back in the news for doing his bad boy things, but this song is really calming. I also heard it at the gym the other day and wondered how people can get hype to this song because it just makes me wanna chill out. For the book portion of this I’m not going to pick a specific book. Any contemporary I would gladly spend the day curled up in some blankets reading it and getting wisked in to that world.

8. ADDICTING – guilty pleasure song – one that’s catchy and addicting but not a whole lot of substance / guilty pleasure/trashy/fast/light read


So funny story time. Liam was always my favorite in 1D so when I heard he had a new song of course I started listening to it all the time, but it has Quavo and a little more of a hip hop vibe to it which makes me like it even more. I’m so addicted to this song it’s my Boyfriend’s text tone on my phone so I can hear it all the time, no lie. With The Selection, I’ve heard so many people talk so badly about this series but I just ate it up, I’m actually going to continue it next month for the Read-A-Thin and I’m so excited to get back to America and Maxon and see what happens!

9. NOSTALGIA – throwback you look back on fondly / a book you read forever ago that you look back on fondly or reminds you of a happy childhood time

Ok come on, I was  kid of the 90’s of course my nostalgic song is going to be *Nsync (we all know they were the better boyband anyway). I saw them in concert when I believe I was about 9 years old and I have never been in such a loud place, I couldn’t hear for hours after that night. Now this book, oh my gosh, honestly anything by Meg Cabot takes me back to grade school but really All American Girl I think is the one that I loved the most from her, and the sequel. I can’t even tell you how many times I read this book when I was younger, just that I loved it every single time.

So that’s my OMG This Song Book Tag. Gives you a bit of an idea how my music tastes are all over the place! I don’t mind though. So I have decided that I’m going to tag Amanda at A Court of Books and Love because I really want to see what her picks will be with her music taste! If you want to do this tag too consider yourself tagged then! Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you tomorrow!


What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? {3}

Happy Monday! I know I know, Mondays are not really happy, but hey I gotta try to stay chipper some way. I really am loving this post, and as I write this I’m going to work on getting some reviews scheduled, which is actually happening because I know I say it but then it never happens. It’s really happening! So those will be getting scheduled for off days and I can’t wait to talk about them! But for now let’s get in to these books!

What did I read last?

Woops, I completely forgot I needed to come back and talk about this book. To be honest this book was pretty hard to get in to. I’m not sure if it was because the main characters were boys or because they’re in situations I’ve never been in, it just made it kind of hard to connect and feel the need to read this. I did read this though because it is the Java and the Librarians Book Club pick of the month so they will be hosting a live show later this month and discussing the book together. Last month I wasn’t able to even finish their book so this month I really wanted to push myself so I wouldn’t feel like I was spoiling anything or that I just plain didn’t feel like I belonged at the live show.


Rating: ★★★✩✩

What am I currently reading?

This is my month of read all my library books. I recently received news that I most likely will be starting a new job here within the next few weeks so I have a LOT of books to read in the short amount of time I have left, but I am completely ok with that. So The Unlikelies was on the top of my list because I fell in love with this at the bookstore but was in the middle of my book buying ban so I ended up being a good girl and put it back, but that didn’t stop me from putting a hold on it at my library! It’s essentially about a group of teenage vigilantes that are brought together by some good deed that they’ve all done. This book is also beautiful naked so maybe once my ban is up I will end up buying a copy for my own shelf.

What do I plan to read next?

My library came through again guys! I have heard so much about this book and how everyone is just so in love with it so I put a hold on this book, and was actually second in line but I seriously got this in less than a week. Again, sticking with my library books that I need to get done, I know you all haven’t seen this latest haul so I’ll work on getting a post up for Thursday for Library Loans so you all can see what to expect out of me over the next couple weeks, but this one you’re getting to learn about now! I am just so excited to have this copy in my hands and I cannot wait until I’m able to start it, I also can’t believe how long it is but I am so beyond ready for this that you have no idea!

So let me know what books you’re currently reading, I love to hear from you guys, and tomorrow I have an awesome tag I’ll be bringing you so I hope to see you then!

Read-a-thin · Readathon

Read-A-Thin Announcement!

I have some super exciting news to tell you all about today! For the entire month of August, Amanda from A Court of Books and Love, Jessica from JessicaMarie493, and Myself are going to be hosting a Read-A-Thon! You may be thinking, hey Chelsea, you spelt it wrong in your title, but that’s where you’re wrong. We first started tossing around names for our Read-A-Thon and we joked about it being a Read-A-Thin and after that it just kind of stuck.

What kind of Read-A-Thon??

So the main goal of this Read-A-Thon is to read books that you already own, that way we can Thin Down our TBRs. We all know how fun it is to get new books but we also know the stress of having your TBR start piling up on you, so this way we can all work together on making a dent in that TBR and getting to some of the books on our shelves we’ve been talking about getting to. We also plan to host this every few months to keep us going strong on thinning out that TBR, so when the time comes for those we’ll keep you updated as well.

What are the rules??

For this round our goal is to complete 6 total challenges, out of a total of 18. I know that sounds like a whole lot, but we are allowing each book to complete 2 challenges. So in the end the minimum of books you can read in the entire month is 3, which isn’t too bad although I hope we all end up getting to more than that! Other than that the only other rule is to have already owned or ordered the whatever book you put on your TBR before the month begins, if not we’re not really thinning out our TBR we already have now are we??


I know how important this part is so we can all plan our official Read-A-Thon TBRs ahead of time, so let’s just go ahead and get right in to the challenges!

-Read a 2017 Release
-Read a book the same (or similar) color as your birth stone
-Read a diverse book
-Read a book with a title or author that starts with the first letter of your name
(A and The do not count!)
-Read a book related to your favorite emoji
-Read a book starting with a letter from TBR
(again, The does not count)
-Read a book with a summer themed cover
-Read a warm colored book
(orange, yellow, red, brown)
-Start & Finish a series
-Read a book in 24 hours
-Read a new to you Author
-Read a book with water on the cover
-Read a book set in Summer
-Buddy read a book
-Read a recommended book by someone in the community
-Read a guilty pleasure
-Read an adult/new adult book
-Read a book OUTSIDE of your favorite genre

Now I know there are some daunting tasks in this, but remember, just complete 6 challenges! If you have any questions about what fits a challenge or if one just doesn’t make sense to you feel free to reach out to one of us and we will be glad to help you!

We Need Your Help!!

Right now we’re working on setting up our sprint calendar for this Read-A-Thon. If you’re not sure what a sprint is, it’s usually an allotted amount of time chosen by the host to specifically just read, and they are typically held on Twitter. After the sprint everyone tweets about how much they were able to read and it’s just a fun way to come together as a community to work and support each other in reading our TBRs. Which brings me to the help we need! We’re looking for some Twitter Sprint Hosts. If you would like to spend a day hosting sprints on our Twitter page, just message myself, Amanda, or Jessica on any of our social media letting us know what day you’re interested in. We’ll be setting up the calendar here towards the end of the month and once that is set up we’ll let everyone know their scheduled days.

Where you can contact us!!





I really hope to see you all next month while we work on thinning out our TBRs together. If you’re reading this and it’s almost August PLEASE post your TBR below because I would absolutely LOVE to see what you have planned! Happy Reading.

Stacking The Shelves

Stacking The Shelves {12}

So I’ve been on a mini book buying ban for about 2 weeks now, but I’ve had an old haul that I haven’t gotten to show you guys just yet. I also have to say I broke my little ban yesterday, but I only bought 4 books and pre-ordered 1 so it wasn’t too bad but I needed to celebrate some good news. But this was my last Book Outlet haul from their sale that they were having, that’s why there were so many books. I also finally got my Hufflepuff hard cover edition of Harry Potter. So let’s get in to the books.


 21469123 18340210 26074213 27278582

Hidden by Helen Frost
Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes
The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson
Cures for Heartbreak by Margo Rabb

23015962 22864423 35291237 16101171

The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak by Brian Katcher
Encore to an Empty Room by Kevin Emerson
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling
The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour

9627755 18667779 22817098 13412377

Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins
Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour
After Hours by Claire Kennedy
Enders by Lissa Price

28954146 24721702

Come Back to Me by Mila Gray
Denton Little’s Death Date by Lance Rubin

So those were the last set of books I ordered. I’ll have a couple new books to show you guys next weekend so no worries, but it’ll be at least a few! Some special news is coming in this next week so make sure you come back to check it out! See y’all tomorrow.

Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday {31}

Welcome to the blog everyone, I hope you are having an amazing week so far, and we are already half way done with it! Every week when we get here I just can’t believe that the week is already half over. Days seem to kind of just blend together for me a lot of the time so it’s nice to have some sort of marker to let me know how the week is going. I don’t have too much news this week so let’s just go ahead and get to the book!

First We Were IV by Alexandra Sirowy
July 25th 2017

t started for pranks, fun, and forever memories.
A secret society – for the four of us.
The rules: Never lie. Never tell. Love each other.
We made the pledge and danced under the blood moon on the meteorite in the orchard. In the spot we found the dead girl five years earlier. And discovered the ancient drawings way before that.
Nothing could break the four of us apart – I thought.
But then, others wanted in. Our seaside town had secrets. History.
We wanted revenge.
We broke the rules. We lied. We told. We loved each other too much, not enough, and in ways we weren’t supposed to.
Our invention ratcheted out of control.
What started as a secret society, ended as justice. Revenge. Death. Rebellion.

I know I saw Books and Lala liked this book and it’s been on my radar for a little bit, so I can’t wait to be able to get my hands on a copy and see what I think of it too.

Tag Tuesday

Mid Year Book Freakout Tag!!

Welcome to the blog! Today I am deciding to start something new. I did make a youtube channel, but with how my brain works it’s been a little difficult to work on videos for it, and I’ve been seeing a tag all over the place I’ve really been wanting to do. So I’ve decided I’m just going to being the Tag to the blog! Why not! We’re officially in July which means the first 6 months of the year are already gone, where did they go?? There are 15 questions and this is kind of like a mid year check in to see how your reading is going so far this year and I think it’s such a cool idea. This tag was originally created by Read Like Wildfire and Earl Grey Books both on Youtube. I have read a total of 55 books this year, and my Goodreads goal was for 50 so I have already surpassed it! I am so excited to be doing this tag, let’s get in to the books! (p.s. I’m doing something else a little different, click the book cover for the goodreads page instead of a link!)

1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2017.

31931941Honestly, I don’t really think there can be any surprise here after yesterday’s post. This book was just so beautiful on so many levels. I absolutely adored Eliza because while reading this, seeing what she was going through made me realize I’m both not alone and I’m not crazy for having the same feelings. Yes most of my friends are online, yes I don’t go out much, which isn’t great, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still a normal person right. Plus the fact that she had such strong anxiety that had just started with her in high school really stood out to me because that was when I had my first panic attack as well. Just, read this book if you haven’t read it already because it’s such a game changer for books this year.

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2017.

29236299Not going to lie, I feel kind of cheaty with this one. Don’t get me wrong I really liked Gemina, honestly it was so mind blowing it took me a bit to sit after I finished it and figure out what in the world exactly had happened and what that meant, same thing with Illuminae as well. That’s why I’m so excited for the third book to come out next year. But seriously, this is the only sequel I’ve read this year. What in the world am I doing with myself??? I think I need to set a goal to work on some series’ for the remainder of the year. I have read a couple first books but just haven’t picked up more from there. I’m terrible I know, feel free to shame me for this because maybe I’ll end up fixing it then.

3. New release you haven’t read yet, but want to.

28458598Let’s be completely honest, I have way way way too many 2017 releases on my shelves that I need to read, and I just keep grabbing more from the library because, well, I have a problem. But if I had to pick one that would be at the top of my list it would be When Dimple Met Rishi, just because I was so hyped for this book at the start of the year, and then I finally got my copy when it was released, and haven’t been able to pick it up since I got it. It came mid slump at the start of June last month and it’s just really killing me I haven’t picked up one of my most anticipated reads so far. This is of course at the top of my owned tbr books, once I get through this big pile of library books that is

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year.

29385546Speaking of most anticipated books of the year. I have to admit when I first saw the cover of the book when it was released I really wasn’t feeling it at all so it didn’t pull me in like most books do when I first hear about them, but let me tell you, it’s growing on me. Now of course I don’t want to read this book only for it’s cover, although to be honest I have bought books purely on that basis before, I’m actually pretty excited because it is yet another book about gaming. I know there aren’t actually a whole lot of those out there so for such a big author to be writing one, I am so unbelievably stoked for it because I am just such a big gaming nerd, it’s probably equally comparable to what a book nerd I am as well.

5. Biggest disappointment.

28763485Let me first say, please don’t hate me for this. I know so many people just absolutely love this book, but man let me tell you, it was a giant let down for me. I’ve read some really terrible books this year, but I wasn’t as excited for them as I was for this book. I started off my year reading Everything, Everything and I just fell in love with it. So when I heard about The Sun Is Also A Star, I knew I needed to pick it up because I liked her other book so much, I should love this one too. Wrong. I don’t want to go too in to it for fear of spoilers, but I also want to mention I get she was making light of Insta Love in this book, but I feel like it could have been done in a different way, and the Epilogue just frustrated the hell out of me.

6. Biggest surprise.

16068905Again, I know I’ve picked something a ton of people have loved and I knew it had a good rep, but the thing with Fangirl is, I tried to read this book last year. I think I made it a little over 100 pages or so in to it and sat it down and lost complete interest in it. I just wasn’t in to the story or the characters and it wasn’t grabbing my attention. But I guess sometimes that’s all based on what’s currently influencing your reading, because I picked this back up this year and just flew through it. I loved Wren and I loved the story and I grew to either like or dislike certain characters and I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up enjoying this book even though I had such a hard time with it last year.

7. Favorite new author. (Debut or new to you)

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I mean come on, did you expect anyone else??

8. Newest fictional crush.


To be completely honest, I’m partially only answering this because I know the reactions I’m going to get out of people that have read this entire series. Myself, on the other hand, have only read the first book in the series. So I will give you a second to think about what my possible answer to this might be. Yup, if you guessed Tamlin then you’re right!! I know that in the next two books people pick Rhys over Tamlin, but I have to tell you at the end of book one, I can only barely tolerate Rhys and my heart goes out for Tamlin. He went through so much stuff watching Feyre go through what she went through, and he tried to protect her, I just, like I said, my heart.

9. Newest favorite character.


Molly Peskin-Suso. I love this girl with my whole heart. She is so stinkin similar to me it’s not even funny. She’s so easy to connect with, and she’s adorable, and thinks the same way. I loved seeing her grow and seeing her trying to figure things out. Plus it just really touched my heart her trying to figure out if boys liked her or not and oh my gosh one does so what do I do with myself now? I just loved it so much, I really recommend reading Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda first because if you don’t then there’s a bit of a spoiler in this one for that so I’d suggest it first.


10. Book that made you cry.


Ok so I really don’t want to say too much about this book because holy cow has the secrecy with it been so real. I didn’t really know much going in to it except that it was about a group of teenagers that vacation on an island every summer together, and apparently they were liars. I really was enjoying the book reading everything after an accident happened and seeing how things were going, but the plot twist though. I really did not see it coming and that’s why I don’t want to tell anymore, except this. I cried like a little baby. I really didn’t expect what happened to be what happened and my heart was just so broken and I just couldn’t believe it, but it was still such a good read, I really recommend it.

11. Book that made you happy.


If you have not read this book yet let me ask you one thing, what are you doing with yourself? Seriously, I know the end of it is a little exaggerated, but after everything that goes on and everything that happens between the three friends during this convention, they deserved it. Again this was a book with a main character that has anxiety, high social anxiety, and it just made it so easy for me to connect with her. I hate going out in public and having to do things so I could understand where she was coming from. All the representation in this book is just amazing and it should automatically be added to your TBR if you haven’t had the chance to pick it up yet.

12. Favorite book to film adaptation you saw this year.


Honestly I really haven’t seen that much new TV or Movies this year so this was kind of hard for me to figure out. I know this movie didn’t come out this year but HEY I read it this year so it counts for me. Also I read the book AFTER seeing the movie and I have to say they did a pretty good job doing the adaptation. Reading the book made me feel like I was rewatching the movie, although I really want to rewatch it again. But all in all this was a really good book to film adaptation and I think the second one actually came out just recently so maybe I need to add that to my list to watch!


13. Favorite video you have done so far in this year

So clearly I’ve only done one video this year, so I don’t think I can count videos. So instead I’ll pick my favorite blog post, which would have to be my Emojiathon TBR post. I just loved being able to sit down and think of tons of different books to fit the emojis and I had such faith beforehand that I would be able to read a whole lot of those books.

14. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)



Now, this book’s cover may not look that pretty. But in person I know it looks a lot better. Also, this book naked, oh my god. It is so gorgeous. I don’t know why and maybe it makes me a little bit creepy but I LOVE seeing what books look like without their dust jackets. I just really do, and if they have a pretty cover without the dust jacket then I am freaking sold. Next time you’re at a bookstore just take a peek behind the cover and you will so understand what I’m talking about.


15. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

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Honestly these are all just a bare minimum of what I really need to get read this year, but for sure will have to be gotten to in the second half of the year.

So if you’ve done this tag in whatever format please feel free to leave a link below, I’ve been binging on them and I love to see how everyone is doing. Also if you want to talk about any of these books feel free to do so as well, I clearly love talking about books! I’ll hopefully see you all tomorrow!