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Mini Moji TBR

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US followers and Happy Thursday to everyone else! So Yes, here we are, still in November and about to start yet ANOTHER readathon. Let me just say, this readathon is probably my most ambitious too, and I know you saw my Read-A-Thin TBR, but yes I think I have 7 books to read in 8 days for this readathon. The goal of this readathon is to find a book that matches the emoji prompt, so I apologize for how long or jumbled this post is but I want to make it look as best as possible. This readathon is hosted by Dylan @ DylanTheReader5, Brittany @ BrittanysBookNook, Julie @ PagesAndPens, and Chelsea @ ChelseaDolling Reads. I love all these people so much so of course I just had to participate. Again, if you don’t feel like reading the post you can check out the embeded Youtube video below.


☃️ – A Book set During Winter< img class=”alignnone wp-image-3497″ src=”; alt=”3893″ width=”19″ height=”19″> – A Book That Has Red and White on the Cover<<
A New Book That You’ve Been Dying to Get Your Hands On

3276851913 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough

🎄 – A Book With Green On The Cover<b
Book That Features Travel<b
lalala Listen to An Audiobook

17404295Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch

🎅🏼 – A Book With Christmas Spirit
Book With Snow on the Cover

Books Jay AsherWhat Light by Jay Asher

🎁 – A Book You Received As A Gift
🍾 –
ar, New Book, Start A New Series

31423196Defy The Stars by Claudia Gray

🍲 – A Warm/Fuzzy Read
🎅🏼 (an
ta) – A Book With Bad Reviews

31145148The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich

⛸ – Yay Sports, Go Team,  A Book Featuring a Sport
🏖 – Chri
n July, A Book Set In Summer
📚 – Freeb

3157877Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

😇 – A Book With Angels In It
🕎 – A Book
Reflective Cover
👻 – Ghost of
mas Past, a Book On Your TBR For Over A Year
🍽 – A Book Th
res Family or Food

256683City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

There is also a challenge to read for 60 minutes uninterrupted which I plan to try to do today while I get to spend some time at my parents for the holiday. I will check in with you guys next week to see how I do, What do y’alls TBRs look like? See You Tomorrow!


Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday – Books I’m Thankful For

Hey everyone and happy actual Wednesday. So as promised from yesterday I have this weeks Top 5 Wednesday all ready and to go for you. As usual this is hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes and I will leave the links below again to both her channel and the Goodreads group where they post the prompts each month. I will also embed the video talking about the top 5 books I am most thankful for. If you have done this or plan to post it feel free to leave a link in the comments, I would love to see what books you are most thankful for!




Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday – Nostalgic Book Boyfriends

So I was going to post this last week on Wednesday, but I of course got lazy and didn’t end up filming this after work, so I filmed this this past weekend and decided to post it today before the new Top 5 Wednesday comes tomorrow, which I have filmed as well! Top 5 Wednesdsay is hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes and I will link her Youtube channel as well as the Goodreads groups below my video. Last week’s Top 5 is our Top 5 most Nostalgic Book Boyfriends, and I have to be honest I was so happy remembering this boys from books I read a long time ago that I just loved. So take a look at the video below to see who I picked!


Hope to see you all tomorrow with another post, and Happy Reading!



What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

Ok guys I lied, I’m actually getting to post this on Monday because I changed my mind on some things for my schedule this week. but yay for another reading update. I really love doing these, what do you guys think? So The beginning of this week I am going back to my read-a-thin TBR and hoping to knock out a few more books, and the Mini Moji starts on Thursday so we’ll see how all of this goes! I’m just going to get right to the books.

What Did I Read Last?


Now yes, I know. This was not mentioned yesterday in my Contemporaryathon wrap up, but I did finish this book last. I started this right before the week of Contemporaryathon started so of course I wanted to finish this as soon as I finished my 6 books for the week. I only had about 2.5 hours left in the audiobook so it was super easy for me to pick it back up and finish. Although I think this will be one that I will have to pick up again later down the road because I was so confused for a very large part of this book, but I know with E. Lockhart’s recent novels that’s kind of what the general idea is supposed to be. So here’s to hopefully understanding it more on a future read!

What Am I Currently Reading?


So since I’m trying to work on my Read-A-Thin TBR for the first half of this week, I really really really need finish this to read the third book and then finish the series to complete the challenge of starting and finishing a series. I honestly do not know what to think about this series though. Everyone loves Warner from my understanding but I really did not care for Warner in the first book at all, and I don’t really see that changing so far in to this book. I also was kind of bored out of my mind with the first book, sure stuff happened but it wasn’t something that was interesting. I do know some stuff that is going to happen in this book that I haven’t gotten to yet, but I guess we will see.

What Are You Going To Read Next?


I know that I really should pick up Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi next, but I think that I will read this one between the two books, because I started this book I don’t even know how long ago and stopped reading it. Not because I didn’t like it but because I wasn’t reading fantasy at the time but now that I have I think I will be able to get further in to it. Well actually….finish it….because that’s what I need to do for the Read-A-Thin. Also because I don’t want to leave any books unfinished at the end of the year, even though I probably will. I also have this audibook, so that will make it even easier for me to read, even though it’s a massive book so I’m not sure how long it will take me to get through.

So that is how the beginning of my week is going to go, on Thursday you’ll see what I plan to read more for the rest of the week. Gosh I can’t believe we’re halfway through November but I am so ready for the month to be done and my crazy full TBR to be finished. What books are you currently working on? See you tomorrow!


Readathon · Wrap Up

Contemporaryathon Wrap-Up

I was going to wait until Monday to post this, but I decided that I would just post this later in the day on Sunday, because there will be a point that I am done reading. I’m pretty proud of the reading that I got done, not only did I get my Contemporaryathon books read but I also had some of them count towards Read-A-Thin. I do have to admit I cheated a bit this week because I listened to most of these on Audiobook but I’ve been having a lot of issues staying awake lately, yay anemia, so audiobooks have been my savior when it comes to reading.  So let’s get to my wrap-up!


I really should have thought about this more before picking the easiest book to read first. This book was just under 300 pages. But alas, I started out easy with this book, this completed 2 challenges for me. Read a book older than 5 years and to Read a book not set in Summer. I think I’ve had this book on my TBR for as long as I’ve had a TBR. I never owned it until this summer but it’s been one that I’ve always wanted to read and I’ve seen around and just thought it sounded so cute. I related so much to both Dash and Lily and I thought this book was absolutely adorable so I am glad that I was finally able to pick it up. I would suggest this for a nice cozy read over winter break because it takes place around the week of Christmas!


So the second book that I picked up this week was Like Water by Rebecca Podos and this completed the challenge of reading the group book, which also got me my Buddy Read challenge for Read-A-Thin! Super exciting for me to be knocking out so many challenges. This book was definitely interesting. I have to admit that I had some really high hopes going in to it because I had heard really good things about it, but honestly it kind of fell flat for me. I really liked the beginning and getting to learn about Vanni the main character but then we got to the middle of the book and stuff just stopped happening and it got super slow super fast. I do have to say I liked the ending, but it wasn’t enough to save the whole book unfortunately.


The third book that I picked up for this readathon was Autoboyography by Christina Lauren and oh my goodness my heart. This book completed the challenge of reading a book on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum because it features a Bisexual main character. I’m so glad that I picked this book up in the middle of this readathon because after reading Like Water I needed something to pep up my reading and to keep me going and this was certainly the book to do so. I also really loved this story. I’d never read anything with Mormon representation and then to put the characters in the situations that they were put in was interesting to see. The ending made me so happy and I suggest reading this to other contemporary lovers!

17316770The Fourth book that I picked up this week for this readathon was Invaded by Melissa Landers and this is the second book in the Alienated Trilogy. This completed the challenge of reading a Taboo or Dark theme, and I picked it for that because it features a relationship between a Human girl and an Alien which in this world is frowned upon. I read the first book in this series just a couple months ago and I thought it was super interesting so when I picked this book up I was super excited to read it. This whole novel I was left pretty much on my toes not knowing what was going to happen next or even who was the cause of what was happening. I am super excited to get my hands on the third book and finish this series now.


The fifth book that I picked up this week for the readathon was Dating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren. This book completed the challenge of reading an adult contemporary, and why yes it is the second book I read this week by Christina Lauren. Yet again they’ve written something that I couldn’t stop reading. I have to say if you’re a fan of The Hating Game then I would suggest this book. It’s of course not the same but it definitely has very similar vibes and I could see people that like the first novel liking this novel. It has back and forth chapters from both point of views with a little mixed media and it makes it really fun to read and of course kind of naughty, but that’s what makes this books so good!


The final book that I read this week for Contemporaryathon was To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. This completed the challenge of reading my most recently purchased contemporary, at the time I had just purchased the entire trilogy and even though I started this book back in November of last year, I never did get around to fully reading this book. I have to say that I was super super happy with this pick. I really cannot wait to pick up the next one, and I can see how this being a trilogy now instead of a duology probably makes it a little tricky. I wasn’t sure where this was going to go in the beginning, but I have team Peter all the way and I have to add the next one to my TBR for next month!

So you read that right guys, I read all 6 of my planned books for Contemporaryathon this week! Like I said Audiobooks were my savior but I am so proud of myself and so happy that I was able to not only read all my challenges but I was able to knock down my owned TBR so much with this week long readathon. I even got some extra reading done this week too that you will see at the end of the month when I post my monthly wrap up. See you guys for tomorrow’s post!


Stacking The Shelves

Stacking The Shelves {16}

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been working my behind off on getting these Contemporaryathon books read am doing pretty good so far. I’ll have an update for you guys on Monday which of course is going to push my normal Monday post to Tuesday yet again, so I think I may temporarily rename that post. But this week I got to go to Barnes and Noble thanks to the suggestion of my mom and we found a couple of the B&N exclusive books, so of course me having the weak will that I have I bought a few books, thank goodness for coupons. So here’s what I got this week!


30312855 33876440 30075802

The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell
This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada
The Princess Saves Herself In This One by

9780062840004_p0_v1_s550x406 28238589 36047362

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
Otherworld by Jason Segel
A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

I am super excited to get to these books as well as have the super pretty B&N editions to add to my collection, because that’s honestly what my books are honestly, they really are a collection since I have so many. Well back to reading for me it is, I will see you guys soon!


What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday (sort of), What are you reading?

So as promised here we are on Tuesday with my Monday post. So hopefully this week will be an awesome reading week for me, but I am writing this a tid ahead of time to make sure that I can get it out to you guys. I have gotten a little more reading done but not in the order that I was planning to read, of course cause when do I ever read what I plan to read. But with Contemporaryathon going on I get some easy looking books to read. So let’s just go ahead and get to the books?

What did I read last?


Down Among The Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire

I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to rate this one at just yet. I really do enjoy the wayward children story and getting to see Jack and Jill before they were in Every Heart. Of course I had a general idea of their back story as well because you get to see a little bit of that in Every Heart but this gave us a lot more of an idea of what really happened. To be honest, I enjoyed it, but it was just kind of lacking the same thing that Every Heart had. Maybe because it was characters that I didn’t care as much about as some of the others or maybe just the fact that it was difficult to get in to because of the parents. Either way I am excited for the third book and of course will pick it up when it does come out and give it a chance.

What Am I Currently Reading


Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn & David Leviathan

So of course I would pick up one of the easiest books on my weekly TBR to be reading. I’ve also had this book on my TBR for so many years I’ve lost count. I always knew I wanted to read it and thought it was super cute sounding but never had a physical copy of it until earlier this summer. So now I love that this is the perfect time to read it, and it’s set during winter so that is why it is just the perfect time to finally sit down and get to see what all this hype I’ve built this book up to be is about. Fingers crossed I can have it done by tomorrow and start another book!

What Are You Going To Read Next


Like Water by Rebecca Podos

So I really want to make sure that this is the next book that I pick up this week because I want to make sure that I get it read with everyone else that is participating in the readathon. Not only does it count as the group book for Contemporaryathon but it is also counting as my challenge to buddy read a book for Read-a-Thin. I have been excited to read this book since I heard BooksandLala talk about it on her channel and about how much she’s enjoyed it so I’m really hoping that I like it and that it’s an easy and fun read.


Of course I have a lot to read this week, so hopefully when I get to chat with you next week about what I’ve read you won’t see any of these books in that post and you’ll see some new ones and a few more Read-A-Thins because I should have some time between Contemporaryathon and Mini Moji to get some more of those books read. Well that’s it for today, and I will see you tomorrow with my Top 5 Wednesday. Let me know what books you’ve been in to lately, and Happy Reading!


Readathon · TBR

Contemporaryathon TBR

It’s here! The next Read-a-thon that I’ll be participating in this month. So
Contemporary-a-thon is hosted by two of my favorite Booktubers, Julie from Pages and Pens and Chelsea from ChelseaDolling Reads. I seriously love these two girls so much so when I heard they were hosting a readathon I knew I was going to have to participate. I also knew that when I heard it was revolving around contemporary books, which is my favorite genre, that I was super going to participate in this. So of course, I decided I needed a book for every single challenge, and since I haven’t mentioned it yet, this is a week long readathon from the 13th to the 19th, and there are 6 challenges as well as one group read, so of course I have 6 books to read this week and we’ll see how this goes. Let’s get to the books!


Read your most recently purchased/acquired contemporary

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Read an adult contemporary

Dating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren

Read an LGBTQA+ contemporary

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

Read a contemporary that is over 5 years old
Read a contemporary not set in summer

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn & David Leviathan

Read a dark or taboo contemporary

Invaded by Melissa Landers

Read our buddy read book Like Water

Like Water by Rebecca Podos

So yes, those are the books I’m hoping to get to this week. Hopefully this happens and I actually get some good reading in because I’ve been in a bit of a slump this past week and haven’t done very much reading so this is daunting. If you want to hear me go more in depth with why I picked each of these books and what they are about you can check out my Youtube video below.

That is all for today, I will probably move my It’s Monday post to tomorrow so I don’t bog down your feeds, but I will have one of those updates coming. If you guys are participating in this let me know and leave me your TBRs I’d love to see them, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Happy Reading!


library loans

Library Loans {8}

Happy Sunday everyone! So this post is not going to be long at all, but I checked out the library in my new town and got super excited about all the books that they actually have so I went to it and signed up for a library card like before I was even in this town for an entire week. BUT I ran in to a bit of a problem, they put you on a 3 book maximum for your very first check out. So of course I only was able to check out 3 books but I grabbed the ones I was most excited to read right now, and of course have been reading a lot of stuff from the Overdrive and Hoopla apps for this Library though. But here are the three books that I picked up this time, next time will probably be even worse because they have a small YA section but they have a lot of new books in that YA section so we’ll see how it goes, but for now, here are the books!


27827203 26309792 28524058

Frostblood by Elly Blake
The Hearts We Sold by Emily Lloyd James
Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows

I got Frostblook in an audiobook too so hopefully that will help me read it quickly, because I really want to go back for more books so maybe I don’t buy a whole bunch more, but that’s probably not gonna happen. Next Library Loan should be a lot bigger! See you guys for tomorrow’s post and Happy Reading!


Stacking The Shelves

Stacking The Shelves {15}

Well, my book buying ban didn’t last for very long before I decided I needed more books again. I decided to go back to the weekly updates for these as well because I can’t keep track of what month my books are bought in so it’s just easier this way for me. I am excited to have a lot of these books, and one happens to be signed that I just randomly found in the Barnes and Noble in the new town I’m living in so I felt super lucky that day. But let’s just go ahead and get in to the books!


25558608 33784373 34668234

A Torch Against The Night by Sabaa Tahir
Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco
Mirror Mirror by Cara Delevigne

13526165 30040068

Where’d you go, Bernadette by Maria Semple
A Short History of The Girl Next Door by Jared Reck

So yes, pretty proud of this little haul. But next week it might be a different story. I have a couple book orders hopefully coming in and a trip to B&N with my mom, and I have the worst self control when it comes to actually physically seeing books I want. So I hope to see you guys tomorrow because I already have something planned! Happy Reading